The nature walk at Green corridor


Have been reading articles and posts in the web about the much unexplored green corridor of Singapore, me and my BF was very keen to discover it as well. After our short hike in the 163 meters Bukit Timah hill on a lovely Sunday morning , we had an adrenaline rush and wanted to do something more with involves outdoor activity. And then my BF suggested why not we make a visit to the railway tracks in the green corridor. We quickly checked the maps and made our way from the Bukit Timah forest reserve. We made our way through the narrow alley amidst the nature. It was really surprising that Singapore has such a lovely walking trail covering the entire island without having to cross the highways at all. It seems that this green corridor existed solely to provide a very green and peaceful walk for the nature lovers hidden amidst the urbanization.

I walked past the plush greenery and made my way through the canals and tunnels, undisturbed flora and fauna. The entire track keeps me going as I was eager to unfold and discover something new with every step I took. It was a slightly more than 4 km walk which started from the foot of the railway bridge across Bukit Timah until Buona Vista.


One of the main features of the trail was the old abandoned station at Bukit Timah built to serve the exchange of commodities for trading back in 1932. It was fenced up with a sign board stating – STATE PROPERTY .We also walked through the overhead bridge standing mighty with some remains of the tracks as a staunch proof of the historical railway line. My Bf stopped for a few mins to click a few pictures and I tried hopping and balancing my way through the tracks. It drove it back into my childhood memories of walkingaround the abandoned rail tracks in in my neighborhood.


The trail is now popular amongst joggers and cyclist, leisure walkers which serves as a ready to use interconnection within the north and the south of the island. This beautiful green corridor definitely needs to be preserved and kept pristine as it is deeply linked to the heritage of Singapore. We enjoyed out short morning walk through the lush foliage and are both geared up for our next walk in the old and winding old jurong line which is relatively untouched with modernization.