My two years in the city that never sleep – Chennai


city overpass in early morning

As nostalgic memories ricochet across the grey matter of my mind about Chennai,my workplace for the past two years…I decided to pour out all I feel about this very place. If I am ever questioned “Chennai again,yes or no?”, my answer would be a YESSSSSSS!!! Yes I do complain about the crazy traffic and people with a different ideology but at the end of the day I miss the old charm of the place. Riding in the car and boarding a bus or so called shared auto rickshaws in Chennai is definitely a sensory overload but the victory feeling after you fetch yourself a seat is beyond comparison. The endless fights with the autowale annas for a bargain of just a rupee and being addressed as “LOOSE” by every third person on the road, being the showstopper for flaunting just your calf muscles though seemed to be a pain but those small elements were the real spice of my life which I miss now in Singapore. Life is so predictable and organized that I crave for surprises. How much I miss being bantered as ” NALLA SUPERRAAA” by the passers by. A hell full of friends is worth a million in comparison to a lonely heaven. I was never a solitary damsel in distress or I was always surrounded by people everywhere owing to its 4.3million population. Endless conversations with my flatmates over cups of cofee n noodles which streched until dawn, shooting crazy vidoes and dancing our lives out to silly music is something which I miss the most. During weekends it was always a grand affair of Brunch at Marriott, a drink at Taj or Hilton , endless extravagant shopping spree and shaking those legs and butts at dublin club and I never got tired of it. Those evening stroll by the beach with my besties and gazing at the infinite sea and sky until we were chased off the place by the cops and the night drives with psychedelic trance music in the car stereo post midnight on the East Coast Roadway racing with the psychotic sea was quite a drill but the tillitating feeling was beyond comparsion. Weekdays suffering from Monday to Friday blues was a daily phenomenon for me. Work was a hell broke loose quite a few times with quick deliverables and uncountable stressful client meeting but the agressive competitive spirit was the burning fuel which kept me going. Life was just a roller coaster ride n how I miss every single istant!