Mother’s day special : Origami styled art card

Mother’s day is round the corner and today I would like to share an easy card tutorial perfect for all those cool moms out there. I chose birds for my card’s theme because it symbolises freedom and our lovely moms have nurtured us since childhood teaching us to be self dependent and open heartedly embrace any hindrance that comes in our way. This card is a small gesture to thank our moms for being our non stop support and love system.

I choose origami styled drawing because I have been always fascinated by the neat art of origami and always wanted to translate it on my drawings and so here’s my first crack of it.


  • Any coloured paper ( I opted for craft paper)
  • ruler
  • Pencil
  • Watercolor or Gouache
  • Micron Pen
  • Palette
  • A clean glass of water


I have share with you two different styles of creating origami styled cranes through my time-lapse videos.


I have initially divided the page into two sections to create the birds side by side for practice. First start with a pencil and a ruler to ensure you create straight lines. Once you have the hold of the birdies, you can proceed to make the lovely card.


My card is simple and neat. I repeated the sketch of the two birds from the video and drew straight vertical lines from their wings to create suspension. This gives a free hanging effect to the image.


Feel free to use any color of your choice or rather’s your mom’s favourite. My mom loves green so I opted for this shade of green from my gouache stash. Create a darker and a lighter version of the pigment. To make the lighter version add plenty of water to the pigment as shown above.


Firstly, I painted the darker sections of the birds followed by the lighter section. Ensure that the paint is dry before you proceed as there will be blending and we do not want that.


We are looking for distinct light and dark sections on the bird to create the real marble paper effect used in creating origami birds.


Similarly complete painting all the birds. The completed version will look like this. (Please do not mind as my picture was clicked when the paint was not dry yet and hence the crinkles. )


Once the paint has completely dried, used a micron pen to draw straight vertical lines from the birds to create a hanging look. If you have noticed, I have created a comparatively thinker line for the bird in the front.

Pretty simple right? You will be done in less than 30 mins. Super fast yet a beauty. The options are endless with the number of birds, sizes and colors and you can of course personalise it by adding your own lovely message. So this Mother’s day do not buy a card from the shop or download any printable, rather create this simple handmade greetings and trust me it will be cherished for years to come.