My home studio sneak peek

I always love to see the workspace and studios of different artists. Its really an inspiration to get to know how and where they create their masterpieces. So today I decided to share and talk about my little workspace with you and how is it like to work from home. To see some of my artwork and illustrations click here.

So welcome to Life-athon studios guys!!


I work out of my home (an apartment). We moved to this beautiful green city of Freiburg, Germany three months ago and I am slowly trying to craft our study into my dream workspace. Its pretty functional and bright in here and thats keeps me cheerful while I work. I would always suggest to have space with giant windows. That is just ideal as it is easier for you to decide on shades and lights.

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “An artist’s studio should be a small space because small rooms discipline the mind and large ones distract it.” As you can clearly see my room is pretty small, I have tried to optimise to make the most out of the space I have.My large Ikea desk with drawers and cabinets, allocated for my inks, colors and papers is adequate to keep my stuff organised. However as you can see I keep certain tools at arm’s reach right on my desk such as pens, brushes and pencils which I often use.  I like to go back and forth between my work surface and my computer very frequently so I keep my laptop right on my desk. Some evergreens on my desk is a must!! I simply adore nature and love to have an element of it around me when I paint.

Right on top of my desk, I have two display boards – a magnetic board for my personal artwork and a thread peg-board for the greeting cards and postcards I receive from my loved ones. I am not a great fan of cork boards as I do not like to poke holes into my art pieces.


I have created a basket out of an old carton wrapped in beautiful coloured paper to store all different kinds of paper stuff without having to bend them.


I also have my nibs in a small vintage box with a buddha face painted on it which I found in the stash of my husband’s hobby room and claimed it to be mine since then. ( evil grin )


My watercolor tubes are also arranged in a rectangular pressed wood box.


I repurposed an old Tiger beer briefcase as an treasure-trove for all my craft supplies. Segregating and storing art/craft supplies by creating space for all the little things you love helps to find them easily when you need them.


I love my studio space. It is small but beautiful and feminine in every way. I believe space need not be huge but it needs to be comfortable, with good natural light and a place to think and unwind. I hope you liked my little studio peek. Do share pictures of your workspace. I would like to see them and gain some inspiration as well. Do not forget to tag me at #Diylifeathon.