Watercolor dip pen calligraphy tutorial

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. I strongly had the urge to venture into this new medium since 2015. It is easy to learn but it definitely needs practice and patience. I enjoy hand-lettering because it is so calming to write with curls and flourishes. In today’s Watercolor dip pen calligraphy tutorial I am going to teach how to create beautiful watercolor calligraphy using a dip pen. If you are a beginner and do not have a dip pen, you can first try your hands on faux calligraphy by reading this tutorial of mine to boost your confidence and get a similar effect.

watercolor dip pen calligraphy


  • Dip pen holder ( I am using General’s cork holder)
  • Nib ( I am using Leonardt 30. But I would recommend Nikko G as it is very user friendly, rigid and best for beginners)
  • Paintbrush ( Round size 6)
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor ( I am using Permanent Rose color and Ultramarine)
  • Clean water


Basic rule – For general dip pen calligraphy, we dip the nib of our pen into an ink pot at regular intervals to write. However with watercolor calligraphy we use a brush to dab some color onto the nib.

Single color

Start by creating a color well on your palette by mixing your desired color with few drops of water. You can change the consistency of water depending on the transparency you desire.

Watercolor dip pen calligraphy

Now using a brush coated with paint, transfer a generous amount onto the back of the nib as shown from the tip to the middle. Avoid any blobs and shake the excess watercolor off.

watercolor dip pen calligraphy

Now you are all set to write those magical words! Start writing your first letter. Remember : Upstroke ( Less pressure ), Downstroke ( More pressure). The problem I face with watercolor calligraphy is, it runs out very soon and hence I have to refill my nib very frequently.

watercolor dip pen calligraphy2

To get the ink flowing specially when it seems dry, dip the topmost part of the nib in water as shown in this photo, wipe it clean with a cloth and continue writing.

watercolor dip pen calligraphy

Check out the video about the process of creating a gorgeous watercolor dip pen calligraphy using single color.

Multi colors

Now it’s time to move on to a bit more complicated task and write using several colors to create a blending effect. Create two color wells of your choice. I chose pink and blue.

watercolor dip pen calligraphy

Start writing the first two letters. Without washing off the nib in water, add the second color just at the bottom of the first color in the nib as shown. Now write the remaining letters with this blended color and check out how beautifully the colors merge into each other creating a rainbow effect. You can use so many colors under the sun to create this beautiful piece of hand lettering. Agree that it is a bit time consuming, but the end results are mesmerising.

watercolor dip pen calligraphy

Check out the video about the process of creating a gorgeous watercolor dip pen calligraphy using multi colors.

Implementation suggestions

  • I have recently used watercolor dip pen calligraphy to create wedding stationery and papercrafts for Vonrock Wedding for a Lilac themed wedding. Visit rockwedding to read and check out more about their luxurious and exquisite Fine Art weddings in South Germany. Similarly, you can definitely jazz up any parties or weddings by creating name cards, menus,labels, escort cards, signages etc.Lilac wedding stationery for Vonrock wedding
  • Create some fun cards and envelope addressing.
  • Mail arts are well appreciated by the recipients and it is always a pleasant surprise.Calligraphy greetings card
  •  Create calligraphy notes for your loved ones. You can even create a beautiful quote and frame it to the wall.White on Blue calligraphy note

I hope you liked today’s fun technique of watercolor dip pen calligraphy. What art projects are you going to use it for? Do share with me your remarks in the comment section below. If you try out this tutorial, use the hashtag #Lifeathonblog on Instagram so that I can have a peek. As always thank you for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!



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  1. Wow, you are doing amazing work! I also want to try this out but I am concerned about my nibs. I am not sure if the watercolor is not harmful to my nibs. B

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